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We do offer a variety of synthetic ice skating surfaces as well as a limited number of slightly used panels

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We are the exclusive manufacturer of all EZ Glide products sold worldwide. EZ Glide is the top selling product around the globe due to its extraordinary skating characteristics and long life. We also offer a variety of other less expensive synthetic ice surfaces that are marketed under various names by others. In addition, we occasionally offer slightly used event surfaces in great condition at very good discounts.

EZ Glide 350® is the top of the line. The newest and most popular synthetic ice product, it is made from a proprietary polymer compound, and is the only product available today that is specifically designed by ice skaters and engineers for a wide variety of successful applications. Durable enough to be used for commercial ventures such as hockey training facilities, public skating and traveling ice shows, it is also affordable enough to justify residential installations allowing at-home training like never before. It is completely UV stable and can be utilized indoors and out during any season. Use of EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice will enhance skating performance, allowing a skater to perform and perfect any skill or maneuver executed on refrigerated ice by hockey or figure skaters.

EZ Glide 350 Synthetic Ice is used by Eclipse Sports for their training facilities. EZ Glide NC™ is a noncommercial-grade version of EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice. It has the same skating characteristics as EZ Glide 350; however, due to its light-weight center core, it is only recommended for residential, light-duty hockey practice, such as puck drills and stickhandling. EZ Glide NC is totally UV stable, and therefore suitable for use indoors or outdoors. It is a more economical product than the others in the synthetic ice product line and fantastic for budgets that do not justify the cost of EZ Glide 350, SuperSlick HD™ or Ice Tec 310™ synthetic ice. of choice by consumers because of their versatility, user-friendliness and most importantly, their extraordinary skating characteristics!

Slightly used special event panels are offered in our Synthetic Ice Warehouse. Each Commercial-grade EZ Glide 350 panel is closely inspected prior to being entered into the Warehouse for resale. As with all EZ Glide 350 panels, the Warehouse panels are totally UV stable and suitable for indoor or outdoor use of any type.

Also available are our Ice Tec 310 and SuperSlick HD synthetic ice surfaces. Both products have been available in the plastics industry for fifty years or more. These same polymer panels are offered today by a number of synthetic ice vendors and marketed under different names. If you have an interest in either of these lower cost panels, our Customer Service Department will be happy to assist you.

Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC carries an extended line of synthetic ice surface products for a wide variety of applications and special circumstances. Our Customer Service Department can assist you in selecting the right product for your particular needs.