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EZ Glide 350 Half-Size DL DoveTail Panels for Small Residential Installations

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These Half-Size EZ Glide 350 Double-Locking DoveTail™ panels are identical in composition to the full size EZ Glide 350 panels and can be utilized indoors or outdoors year-round in any type of weather. These EZ Glide 350 Half-Size panels are designed for heavy-duty hockey and figure skating and are most popular for small residential applications where the installation is within tight or close quarters. The smaller panel size makes installation and transportation of panels easy and quick. Both packages may be installed in less than 10 minutes and are ready for aggressive skating and stick handling. Each 3/8 inch thick panel measures 46 inches x 46 inches (1.168 meters x 1.168 meters) and should be installed on a firm and flat subfloor. These panels come with a 10 year limited warranty.

EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice is the number one choice of serious skaters interested in supplemental training to refrigerated ice. Anything that can be done on refrigerated ice can be performed on EZ Glide 350.

Below choose from six and nine panel packages, including installation mallet, EZ Glide Enhancer and shipping included to anywhere in the lower 48 states. All customers located outside the lower 48 states are invited to contact Customer Service for discounted shipping rates. For alternative panel quantities, please contact Customer Service for a custom quote.