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Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC is the largest manufacturer of synthetic ice in the world. We design, manufacture and distribute EZ Glide 350 worldwide from our home office in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

The Google satellite view to the right shows our manufacturing facilities.

Purchasing a synthetic ice skating surface is only the beginning of a relationship between you and our company. We welcome you to make an appointment to visit our facilities, meet our Customer Service team and conduct skating comparisons of EZ Glide 350 and many other synthetic ice products. We are confident that you will enjoy your skating experience and walk away with invaluable information about our company, synthetic ice products and skating performance, installation and uses.

Phone: 864.232.2591

Skype: ezglide350Skype Me.!

Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC
A Division of Multiplex Systems, Inc
501 Furman Road, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29609

For additional information or inquiries, email us at