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EZ Glide Enhancer Sprayers

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The EZ Glide Enhancer Sprayer is a commercial-grade sprayer and has been tested and proven to consistently cast a fine mist of EZ Glide Enhancer™ across the EZ Glide 350® surface. Easy to use, with no assembly required, these sprayers deliver uniform results every time, saving the user on maintenance time and Enhancer costs from unintentional over-spray, which is often the result when using a noncommercial-grade sprayer. Each sprayer holds 2 gallons of EZ Glide Enhancer mix. Each online order of the EZ Glide Enhancer Sprayer includes shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. All customers located outside the lower 48 states are invited to contact Customer Service for discounted shipping rates.

EZ Glide Enhancer Sprayer
2 gallon commercial-grade EZ Glide Enhancer Sprayer

EZ Glide Enhancer Sprayer