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EZ Glide Excel Synthetic Ice

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Though less expensive, EZ Glide Excel is indistinguishable in comparison to EZ Glide 350. Identical with regards to superior skating quality, long-term panel stability and unique design features, the manufacturing components and processes that make the EZ Glide product line so outstanding are also replicated.

EZ Glide Excel Synthetic Ice used for an indoor event Enhance your hockey or figure skating training for less cost. As with EZ Glide 350, any puck drills, stickhandling, footwork, jumps, spins and stops you can accomplish on refrigerated ice can be executed on EZ Glide Excel with the same ease and dependability.

Each panel is stress-relieved to provide years of durability and skating pleasure. Installation is quick and simple, accomplished by simply hammering together the Double-Locking DoveTails.

EZ Glide Excel is recommended for indoor use and performs beautifully in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Steadfast and reliable, there is no reason to look elsewhere for the best skating product. In side-by-side comparisons and testing of all the synthetic ice products available today, nothing out-performs EZ Glide Excel and EZ Glide 350!