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EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice panel with image printed on skating surface EZ Glide 350® synthetic ice is available in a wide range of colors. The polymer and proprietary manufacturing process of full color panels is identical to the standard white panels with the exception of the added pigment during manufacturing. The skating performance of the full color panels is identical to the standard white panels. Contact our office for additional information, color availability and pricing.

Printed Images for Sponsors and Special Events

Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing has developed a process for printing full color images on panels, allowing for the printing of company/sponsor logos or full color designs. These images are computer generated and printed on EZ Glide 350 panels using an ink that is compatible with skating and results in a colorful, eye-catching display. These prints are not intended to be used for permanent signage, and continuous skating across the print will eventually wear away the image. These extremely colorful and detailed images are widely used for grand openings, special events, parties, sponsor recognition, ice shows and other occasions that require a temporary display in a very visible, central location. Prints can cover one panel or seamlessly span multiple panels, and can be placed anywhere in the skating surface.

The surrounding photos are of EZ Glide 350 panels that have been printed with images to show the detail and color potential.