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Accessories for all Synthetic Ice Surfaces

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EZ Glide Enhancer™
EZ Glide Enhancer can be used on any synthetic ice surface to improve skating performance and glide. We do not use silicone in EZ Glide Enhancer! EZ Glide Enhancer is non-toxic, non-staining, EPA approved and environmentally friendly.

Commercial-grade EZ Glide Enhancer Sprayers
Easy to use, these sprayers deliver uniform results every time when misting the EZ Glide surface with EZ Glide Enhancer. The EZ Glide Sprayer will save the user on maintenance time and Enhancer costs from unintentional over-spray.

DL DoveTail Perimeter Kit
This kit will finish off your EZ Glide DL DoveTail™ floor, creating a clean, straight line on the outer edge of the DL DoveTails where exposed.

Maintaining sharp edges is important on both refrigerated ice and synthetic skating surfaces. We carry top of the line mechanical skate sharpeners to help you achieve your full potential.

Ice Skates
Available for rental or purchase, Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC stocks a large number of figure and hockey skates for public skating rinks and special events.

Rubber Matting
Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC offers a variety of high-grade, rugged rubber matting products for rink perimeters, walkways, lacing areas, bathrooms and team rooms.

Dasher Boards and Rink Perimeters
Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC can assist you in selecting from a choice of rink perimeters, dasher boards, kick plates and railing systems, as well as introduce you to other possibilities. We can meet whatever needs your skating project requires.

Hockey Pucks
Designed specifically for use on synthetic surfaces, the EZ Glide puck reacts with the speed of a puck on refrigerated ice, thus enhancing training potential.